What is UI :

Android User Interface :

It is the way through which user interacts with an application or a website. 

The user interface is the graphical layout of an application. It consists of the buttons users click on ,the text they read the images, the sliders ,text entry fields and all the rest of the items the users interacts with .

Create User Interface Sign In App With Android Studio :

For this we must already have an android studio.

If not you can download it first.

If you have already installed then open your android studio

We want to create a new project then click on “Start a new android studio project”. 

Give the application name column  then click next

After entered application name, we need to specify Minimum SDK, in our tutorial, I have declared as API17: Android 4.2(Jelly Bean) You can select the minimum SDK as you want then click next Button.

The next level of installation should contain selecting the activity to mobile, it specifies the default layout for Applications You can select from them :

For Empty Page , Select  “Empty Activity” and click next. After that the activity name and layout name will appear you just leave it like that, then click finish.

After  click on finish button, wait for the Gradle build .

At the final stage it going to be open development tool to write the application code.

Android Studio Installation

Steps for adding logo in your app :

Copy the logo image that you want And paste it in into

app->src->main->res->drawable path.

Then come on your XML file and open design panel select common from palette section, drag the image view and drop on your layout and select the image that you want. 

change background color :

Click on blank layout and then click on attribute panel which is on top right corner. 

Add your required field in declare attribute section by clicking on “+”  symbol.

After clicking on “+” you can add desirable background color.

Adding Text Fields :

For text field , moving on left corner then click  Palette->Text->Plain Text(or as you want).

Drag plain text and drop it on your apps layout.

For eg : Text field like username and password.

For hint , click on that field and goto the attribute panel and add the hint section .

These things are Drag and Drop , So just customize the things and create your Own UI .


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