As a Full Stack Web developer What should you know in 2020
As a Full Stack Web developer What should you know in 2020

In 2020 !!

There is a similar question”How to become a full stack developer in 2020″ ?

This is the Tough time for All of us . You , me and every single person is effected due to this pandemic [Covid – 19] .

But this is also a time when any one can learn more technologies , there are many tutorials available on internet , and become a good developer or a Full stack developer .

As you know there are lot of technologies like HTML , CSS, JavaScript for Web Development which are widely used but django , flask , node and many more technologies are also used for secure web development .


To clearly understand the role of a Full Stack Developer, first you need to understand the term web development . Web development has two parts –

  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development

Every Website / web development or App development have two main part Frontend and backend , where frontend is the part which is visible to the user and the backend is the part where all the data managed , every thing which is visible to user is stored in backend , it includes all logic for application or business .

The combination of Frontend and Backend called , Full stack

The Developer or a Software Expert who is proficient equally in both Frontend and Backend is , Full Stack Developer .

So, Every Full stack developer should have good skillset and large knowledge base .

That’s why it need too much time even years of Experience in the field of development, to become a full stack developer . The Full stack developers are highly valued in startups and ,many big companies .

What are the Important skills for Full Stack Developer ?

As we discussed above full stack developers need to be good in many technologies or can say full stack developers should have wide variety of skills. But some of them are mentioned below —


2. JavaScript

3. Git and GitHub

4. Backend languages

5. Web architecture

6. HTTP and REST

7. Database storage

8. Basic design skills

9. NPM

10. Soft skills

Some of these Backend Languages are important for a full stack developer :

1. PHP

2. Python

3. Ruby

4. Java

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