Hello I am kuril naqvi , from bangladesh.

My topic of representation is How to make money in 2020

This is not only about 2020 , but now a day , making money online is easy .

Here is a list you can go through with

1) Start Blogging

Blogging may be of any type like travel blogging , food blogging , event blogging or any other your choice of interest .

2) Affiliate marketing :

You don’t have money to start your business but you want to sell something , just create or buy a website and apply for affiliated program and start learning .

3) Youtube : Making video is not always a easy task , but if you are interested in video Making , just research on some area and start making videos of one type . As early as you reach 1000 subscribers , your income will start .

4) Tuition classes : This type tution is most popular business , if you have knowledge , then start tution today

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