INTRODUCTION : Android Studio All About Android Studio

What is Android Studio

INSTALLATION : Android Studio

Android : Create UI How to create UI

To create our first ” Hello World ” app on android studio just follow the following step :-

When we Open the android studio then following image will be shown

You can select any place you like to save your project files.

After clicking “Next”, the Target Android Devices window shown

After following the above step then select your activity

After completion the project build then follow the next step

Description :

Section 1. The project files and folders can be viewed from here. In addition, new files can be added from this pane. We need to double-click on the filenames here to open them in the middle pane. The project structure will be explained in detail in the next subsection.

Section 2. The opened files can be activated from the tabs located here for viewing in the middle pane.

Section 3. This is the middle pane. Contents of the active files can be viewed and changed from here.
file called “” is the active tab in Section 2 therefore the middle pane in Section 3 shows the contents of this “” file.

Section 4. This section is also controlled via tabs. The developer can switch project files, structures, captures and favourites for viewing in the left pane.

Section 5. The current or previous compilation, building or debugging processes are shown here. For the snapshot of Figure 3.6, it is indicated that the “Gradle build finished in 14 seconds”. Gradle is the build system of Android Studio. Therefore, the message says that the building engine completed its previous task in 14 seconds.

Section 6. This is the Run button of Android Studio. When we set up the user interface and write the Java code of a project, we click this button to make the Android Studio build the project (which means creating the executable file from project files) and then we can run it on an emulator or on a real device.

After above step click on .xml file for create user UI

After above step just run the app

We discuss about later about it

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