How to Respond to Thank You ( Interview Tips ) Anywhere

What are the BEST way to reply ‘thank you’ ?

Ever You got a question in your mind that what should I say when anyone says THANK YOU ? It may be anyone like your Boss or any worker , may be your colleague or your family member . When any says Thankyou means that you did a work that may be helpful for that person . So Reply for thankyou should also be very clean and responsive .

In this blog / article you will know how to answer Thank you in any  Situation

There are Many different Ways to Respond for Thank You . Like

  • That’s all right.
  • No problem.
  • No worries.
  • Don’t mention it.
  • It’s my pleasure
  • My pleasure.
  • Anytime.
  • It was the least I could do.
  • Glad to help.
  • Sure!
  • Thank YOU.
  • I’m glad I could help
  • It was not a problem at all

For Informal Situations :

What is Informal Situation ?

An informal situation is the situation one which the person is relaxed and body language is friendly and not very serious or can say official talk / situation.

1. You’re Welcome

Most of us find our self in the casual situations where there is not any pressure on us to respond professionally. Like when we talk to the person we don't know .

These are the situation where we get the chance for our practice in talking or learning languages , because studying grammar in a textbook or taking any course is totally different in comparison, talking to somebody during rush hour in a shopping mall or in local stations

When any guy says thank you then you have so many options to reply:

you can say you’re welcome in every situation, it works in every situations informal or formal both .

But in place of You're Welcome you can use these also .

  • “Appreciate it!”
  • “No problem!”
  • “No biggie!”

2. Thank You

While replying to thank you , Thank you from this side is also a good option. This may be a good option to say thank you in reply when any younger says "Thankyou" .

3. My Pleasure

Saying My pleasure gives the image that you are enjoying the act of helping another person . so Give a light smile, grab opportunities without hesitation and whisper…

My pleasure

Keep reading ! There are more useful Alternatives of these below.

For Formal Situations

What is formal Situation ?

The Formal talk is when we talk to the person we don’t know or whom we want to make a good impression . The situation, when we talk to our boss or our teacher , in Interview the talk between employee and HR is formal .

When your boss says thank you Just keep in mind that it is Formal talk , it should be in limit , You can use You’re very welcome , Because "Welcome" works everywhere .

Read a example :

Your Boss : Bala, thank you for your contributions to the team, I appreciate your work very much.

You : You’re very welcome, boss ! It was my pleasure !

You can See , Nothing is too fancy or complicated here, because in formal situations everywhere, simplicity and respect are most important .

Also avoid slang , It is also important , because slang only suited for the casual interaction only , not for the meeting with an important upper label executives.

Alternatives of "You're Welcome" :

For a formal talk , with your boss , you can use :

  • My pleasure.
  • Don’t mention it.
  • You’re very welcome.
  • I’m glad I could help.
  • It was not a problem at all.

According to Robert Cialdini You don't need to say welcome or anything for "Thankyou " in place use "I know you’d do the same for me. " It can improve your relationship with that other person . It also shows that you are a helpful person.

Is it rude or not "OK" to say you’re welcome ?

NO ! It is never be rude to say you’re welcome . It is one of the most polite phrases in English !

Please Comment If you have any other way .


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