Node.js: what it is, when and how to use it, and why you should
Node js tutorial

Introduction :

The React or react js is a JavaScript library that use to building user interfaces.

React java script is also used to build single page applications that interacts with the web browser .

React allows developer to create reusable UI components like checkboxes,slider, tooltips, icons, progress bar etc.

React is developed by Facebook as a front-end library . It is used to handle the view layer of web and mobile apps. This time It is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and has a strong foundation and a large community behind it for support and development.

How to Download Node JS :

Go to web browser, Past to download NODE.js

Click on Windows Installer button to download the latest default version. This time the Latest LTS Version is 12.18.2 (includes npm 6.14.5) .

LTS / Current : There are many other versions of node js available. If your system is older, then it may need the 32-bit version. You can use the top link to switch from the stable LTS version to the current version. But If you are not sure to about versions or don’t need a specific version, just choose LTS.

Install Node.js and NPM from Browser :

1. Once downloading finishes, Open and launch it , double-click it to launch.

2. Now system will ask that – you want to run the software so : click Run.

3. On Node.js Setup Wizard click Next.

4. Now, review the license agreement . Click Next to agree to the terms and install the software.

5. For the installation location, Leave the default location, Change if you want to install it on other location , then click Next.

6. Click Next To accept the defaults .

7. Click the Install button and run the installer.

click Finish.

How to Verify Installation of node js:

Open command prompt (cmd) or PowerShell, and enter the command to check version of node :

node –v

You will get the Node.js version installed on your system.

Or you can also use NPM:

npm –v
Testing Node JS and NPM on Windows using CMD
check node version

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