Snake Game using C : Mini Project

This Snake Game with C is a simple console application without graphics . In this project, you can play the popular “ Snake Game ” just like you played in other mobiles . You have to use the up, down, right or left arrows to move the snake .

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As we play snake games we know what is the game and how to play that , for example : For the snake Foods are provided at the several co-ordinates of the screen to eat . Every time when the snake eats the food, its length will get increased by 1 element along with the score count .

The source code for Snake Game in C is complete and totally error-free also Free of cost . It is compiled in Code :: blocks using the gcc compiler . The game contains , about 550 lines of codes ; so I haven’t displayed the source code here. You can directly download the source code plus application file from the link below .

Download HERE : Snake Game using C

List of functions used in Snake Game Project in C :

In this Snake Game mini project so many functions have been used.We will use the gotoxy() Function to simply move the cursor on our monitor screen wherever desired .


Functions used in this project :

void record()

void load()

void Delay(long double)

void Move()

void Food()

void Print()

void Bend()

int Score()

void Boarder()

void Down()

void Left()

void Up()

void Right()

void ExitGame()

When the Snake hits the wall or its own body the Life-Count Decreases . To Pause the game press any key . Press any key again to continue .

Here is some output screenshots of this project :

Snake Game using C
Snake Game using C

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