Django Framework

Before Django, let’s first understand why do we need a web framework ? A web framework is a server-side application framework which is designed to support the development of dynamic websites. With the help of a framework, you don’t have to handle the hassles of web development and its various components. Therefore, it makes the life of a web application developer much easier as they don’t have to code from scratch. There are various web development frameworks available in the market. Some of them are listed below:

One of the highlights of Django is that it is built on python. From several years python has been the most popular programming language and continues to be a favorite among the skilled programmers. Hence, Django delivers transparent and high-quality code writing, making it important for the developers as well as the customers. It has various other advantages as it has an automatic administration interface, Object-relational mapper(ORM) and many more. So let’s understand what exactly it is.

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