Ludo Game project is written in Python. The project file contains python scripts (,,, This is a simple console based strategy board game which is very easy to understand and use. Talking about the gameplay, all the playing rules are the same just like we play in real time ludo. Here at first, the user has to select players i.e either human or computer. After selecting human, the player has to enter details such as name and select color(red, green, yellow and blue). the player can also start the game within two players if he/she wants. Ludo game is also famous in facebook games .

PART 1 ) This is the first part of “LUDO” project in python . SUBSCRIBE the YouTube channel for GUI code . Press the bell icon for video update .

Ludo game using Python
Ludo Game PYTHON Project with source code

This Ludo Game PYTHON Project also includes a downloadable source code project for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading.

After starting the game, a console based ludo board appears, other rules are the same. First, the computer or the player has to roll the dice. The main thing in this console based game is that the player just has to press “Enter Key” to roll the dice. At the top of the board, it displays a dice with the number. The system keeps on rolling until there’s a possible pawn to move. All the game movements are performed automatically. Whenever the player tries to end the game, there’s an option available to save the unfinished game so that he/she can continue it later. A simple console GUI is provided for the easy gameplay. The gameplay design is so simple that user won’t find it difficult to use and understand.

Watch here the complete running Booking System In Python with Source Code.

How To Run :

  • first you need install python.
  • download project.
  • extract project.
  • double click in
  • Project is run
  • Thanks a lot ♥

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