Who we are :

In india many students who are really good in other skills , or in any technical fields either take a admission in technical courses like Btech or any diploma . But the courses in India are of many types . Here I am talking about the environment , If we take the example of btech course only then there are so many colleges where different type of environment exist .

As a student , every particular student have there own interest and ability . But in our study culture the main problem , now a day is the Skill development . Only some of the universities working on the students choice . Or may be not .

So we as a team , we go through with lot of research in the field of education which includes science and technology , art , culture and many other Fields .

So we got a solution , that we can provide the full training course , Live projects and certificate . But as we go further with our research we found the problem that is first job . The fear about getting a chance .

So for that we decided that, with our certificate we further will provide the placement training and the students , who will pass the full course with there wonderful plan for a project , we will provide them paid internship also .

So we welcome all the students from any fields of interest . The first thing you need to do is only believe , Believe in yourself , believe in your mind , believe in your strength , also believe in your weakness . The second thing is to , be with us . Actually when you put a seed in field , to get the flowers or fruit you need to wait . It will take some time but just do third thing : Start Today .

Welcome you all and wish you the very best future the, best life of your choice .

-- Team DTB